Pool Features

Swim and relax year-round in the self-cleaning, 800 square-foot by 8-ft deep indoor pool, with 8-ft octagonal spa, and gym area – all situated in a designated wing with soaring 20 foot ceilings.


  • Maintenance free, self-cleaning 800 sq ft indoor pool, with 8 ft octagonal hot tub spa, and gym; radiant heated flooring in change room; shower and separate washroom

  • 20-foot cathedral ceiling with 18 sky lights

  • Sliding glass doors throughout open on to courtyard

  • Ample floor room for home gym

  • Dedicated Dectron heating/cooling system

  • Dry-O-TRON DS Series Indoor Energy Recycling Dehumidifier – saves up to 80% of the energy costs associated with the indoor pool and spa

  • Helps protect against building damage resulting from uncontrolled humidity

  • Fully heats pool water

  • Maintains relative humidity levels between 50 and 60%

  • Provides year-round comfort with air conditioning

  • Contributes to space heating in cold weather

  • QUICKCLEAN System operates without any work, so set it and forget it!

  • Operates when the filter is on and requires no extra motor or time clock

  • All water used is clean, filtered water that is returned to the floor of the pool, ensuring even distribution of chemicals, and eliminates cold spots

  • Constructed of space-age materials that are impervious to chemical imbalances

  • QUICKCLEAN heads rotate 360 degrees in 12 cycles and built with internal and external seals to insure minimum water bypass and maximize efficiency

  • Requires no routine service

  • The QUICKCLEAN System is such an advanced system because it is simple. It is a series of pop-up heads built into the floor, steps and love seats. It is activated by the automatic timer that turns on the pool’s filter system. It runs along with the filter system and requires no extra motor or electricity of its own.

  • Equipment system updates professionally maintained and upgraded yearly